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Toiletries for face and body - Soaps

Farm Efkarpia invests in research and science and in collaboration with the Department of Biosystems Engineering TEI Thessaly brewed with the best specifications and without the use of harmful substances, pure herbal products based on certified organic melissa (lemon balm) grown in our farm and olive oil widely known for its beneficial properties.

The antioxidant olive polyphenols in combination with the polyphenols of melissa (lemon balm) itself enhanced the activity and the multiple benefits of this powerful face creme in terms of the regeneration, rejuvenation, enhancement, restoration and hydration of the skin daily needs. Our raw materials are natural and only beneficial for all ages and especially for the mature.

Without the use of parabens, parafineoil chemicals and preservatives.

Facial and Body care products are also available in packs of kilogram or liter for professional use.