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The addition of an aromatic plant or herb gives a distinctive flavor to your dishes while releasing its beneficial properties for the body. Moreover, the use of herbs is necessary especially in barbeque since according to surveys, it blocks carcinogenic compounds formed by high temperatures.

Farm Eukarpia shares with you proven aromatic combinations and ideas to include herbs on your plate.

Dill: soups, salads, sauces, minced meat, poultry, fish, pickles, cheese, scrambled eggs, beans, pies, breads.

Artemisia: pork roast, roast hunting, steamed fish, roast duck, goose, eel, white cabbage, various appetizers.

Basil: with vegetables, soups, salads, eggs, seafood, meat, game, meatballs, pasta, breads, fruit.

Anise: eggs, cheese, fruits, meats, fish, salads, breads, biscuits, drinks.

Daphne: grilled, soups, stews, meats, fish, chickpeas, lentils, creams, fruit salads.

Rosemary: with meat, poultry, fish, seafood, omelets, soups, vegetables, salads, sauces, breads.

Tarragon: fish, salads, poultry, lamb, eggs, vinegar.

Savory: soups, salads, legumes, meats, cheeses, breads, fruit salads.

Thyme: soups, stews, roasts, sauces, salads, pies, breads, vegetables, pasta, cheese, eggs.

Coriander: fresh in salads, sauces, omelets, soups. The seeds in soups, stews, sausages, pickles, creams, breads, cheese salads, cookies.

Saffron: soups, risotto, pasta, chicken, cheese, cream, breads, biscuits, sweets, liqueurs.

Lavender: salads, meats, cheeses, fruits, sweets.

Louisa: soups, salads, meats, fish, fruits, desserts, drinks.

Parsley: with ... everything ! Meat, fish, soups, sauces, salads, omelets, legumes.

Marjoram: with meat , fish, omelettes, pasta, pies, sausages, breads, drinks.

Fennel: seafood, fish, snails, meats, soups, omelets, cheese, pasta, legumes, breads.

Melissa: oven with meat, poultry, fish, soups, cheeses, fruits, drinks, teas.

Mint: soups, sauces, salads, vegetables, pasta, pies, cheeses, fruits, creams, drinks, tea.

Oregano: with vegetables, sauces, soups, meat, fish, poultry, legumes, pasta.

Celery: with meats, fish, soups, salads, appetizers.

Sage: poultry, meat, fish, pasta, legumes, breads, pies, soups, drinks.

Agroktima Efkarpia gives you some tips:

The fresh or dried herbs are usually added to the pot at the time of cooking. Alternatively, flavored herbal oils, vinegars and salts are very practical and their presence in your dishes will surely make them unique, easily and quickly. Do not hesitate to experiment. Create individual choices and preferences. The addition of the appropriate herb can make food tastier and more appealing but taste is always a personal matter. Try different herb combinations in different quantities and find out what matches your palate.